Overseer: Jacob Canton
Host: Lisa Vasquez 
Meets: Every Saturday 6:30pm
Info Line: Jacob-‭(916) 430-5282‬
                 Lisa-‭    (916) 529-9456‬
Overseer: Raul Canales 
Host: Victor and Kelly Hill
Meets: Every Friday at 7pm
Info Line: Raul- ‭  (408) 422-8513‬
                 Victor- (510) 857-2439
Overseer and Host: Carlos and Brenda Lopez
Meets: Every Thursday at 7pm
Info Line:  Carlos -‭ (661) 436-4514‬
                  Brenda- (661)‭ 862-0537‬
Overseer: Diane Luna
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Meets: Every Friday at 9pm
Children Ministry
  • To expose children to the love of God
  • To educate children in the Word of God
  • To allow children to experience the presence of God
  • To provide a safe environment for children as they learn about God’s Values
  • Excellence…Anything worth doing is worth doing well.
  • Safety…Our children’s physical, emotional and spiritual safety is primary to demonstrating God’s love for them.
  • Espiritual…God’s presence in a child is more important than anything else
  • Character development…The principles of God’s word are timeless.
  • The family…God’s greatest gift to children is their family and we will do anything we can to encourage and empower families to be successful in raising their children.
  • Multiethnic diversity…We want to meet the needs of children from every culture.
  • Special needs children…We believe every child deserves our best and God’s special love.