Run 4 Hope
The journey to end gang violence, prostitution, drugs and alcohol abuse starts with a single step.
For over twenty years, Victory Outreach has sponsored an annual “Run 4 Hope” event.
This 5k/10k run and walk-a-thon with Kiddie K for children, Motorcycle Run and even a “Doggie Run”, is not only a time of fun and fellowship for all ages, but most importantly it is a time for Victory Outreach family and friends to join together to raise much needed finances for “At Risk Youth” and Missions abroad.
Thousands of inner-city young people in the United States and different countries worldwide have been transformed and many lives touched as a result of the finances raised through Run 4 Hope  We encourage you to watch the testimonies of those who have been impacted by this “United We Can” endeavor.

Operation Shoe Box
Help the less fortunate and impoverish in Sacramento County.  Donate today to our Operation Shoebox fund.

Day of Hope is a collaborative effort between Victory Outreach, businesses, social service organizations, and local government, serving the South Sacramento area, providing food, hair cuts and clothing for the hungry and relief for people in crisis.  Donate today to our Day of Hope fund.